MENU STORY Regionalism to nine "treasuries"

Takara is not managed without sake brewery.

Brewery of nine whole country is public,
We opened a store at restaurant called this "Takara".
Therefore as for a lot of liquor not to be able to drink in others in Takara.
From central dispatch base called Tokyo International Forum of Japan,
We send "sake" which is liquor of soul of our country to the world.
We have the mission.

Invite brewery,
"Meeting of liquor" enjoying the essence come by all means.

TAKARAGURA Introduction of treasury

We introduce official partner whole country 9 storehouse.

Shiogama, Miyagi City

Urakasumi back haze

We inherit the skill of each chief brewer in now
Traditional famous sake

We see in detail 
Tsuruoka-shi, Yamagata

Oyama female-impersonator
Yoshi Kato Hachiro brewing

"Oyama, liquor of love as for the liquor"
Tradition and technique of Oyama liquor
Liquor which harmonized

We see in detail 
Sano-shi, Tochigi

Kaika worth
The first brewing

With soft taste
Concerto of refined fragrance
Famous sake of famous clear water appearance zuru Tochigi, Sano

We see in detail 
Asakuchi-shi, Okayama

Chew Kamikokoro; the time
Kamikokoro brewing

We use rice luxuriously
We are particular about "U.S. effect tongue",
Storehouse of hometown of Bicchu chief brewer

We see in detail 
Takayama-shi, Gifu

Kusudama kusudama
Hirase brewing shop

We move forward with climate of Hida Takayama
Approximately 400 years
nojunshinkuchi which traditional storehouse arouses

We see in detail 
Takaoka-gun, Kochi

Tsukasabotan tsukasabotan
Tsukasabotan brewing

Representative liquor of hard drinker country, Tosa,
With we drink and get tired and do not do, feeling fine
Go berserk; noyoi **shinkuchi

We see in detail 
Kunisaki-shi, Oita

We make Nishi no Seki, and expand and come
Kayashima brewing

We transcend sweet shin io
Of Gomi harmonized
Delicious liquor of Oita, Kunisaki Peninsula

We see in detail 
Miyazu-shi, Kyoto

He/she gives, and there is Hakurei
Hough Ray brewing

Mysterious water arouses
Of taste that goes berserk, and is well gentle
Liquor of Tango

We see in detail 
Nara-shi, Nara

Only as for Harushika spring
Seibe Imanishi store

The Japanese liquor birthplace,
Sake brewing traditional in southern part, Nara Storehouse to tell in now

We see in detail 
Basic set of popularity No. 1

We compete in drink of nine treasuries and set 1,980 yen (tax-excluded)

"Competition for drink set" of treasury of nine ... sake brewery restaurant Takara official partners ...

The finest fragrance and the best taste!
Taste of deeply smooth season!
Let's heap up party with highest grade liquor.
9 storehouses set which had great popularity last year
To you who are greedy.
You can enjoy all 9 storehouses!

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