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Shop "Takara" nearest brewery of local sake cooperates with local sake famous sake 9 brewery, and we gather ingredients born from climate and climate of various places throughout the sake brewery, and enjoy “ sake and mariage “ of dish casually, and heart aims at met shop in the local charm, too.
[with treasury?] (official partner 9 brewery)  
Urakasumi (Miyagi) Oyama (Yamagata) Kaika (Tochigi) Kusudama (Gifu) Hakurei (Kyoto)
Harushika (Nara) Kamikokoro (Okayama) Tsukasabotan (Kochi)  Nishi no Seki (Oita)

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Introduction of treasury
Sake brewery lunch


2016.05.17 We introduce state of "meeting of Four Seasons spring" which "Tsukasabotan" President Takemura held in Takara to blog!

2016.03.16 For a limited time! Shabu-shabu of sea bream Ichiro and seaweed >>>Menu is this
        Press release information (PDF)

2016.03.16 Famous sake "meeting of Urakasumi & azure sky biography liquor" 4/9 holding of Miyagi!

It is held on meeting Saturday, March 19 of 2016.02.25 Tamano light brewing liquor

We provide 2015.12.14 "absorption in tiger pufferfish course of Takara" at large thanks price!

2015.12.07 "Christmas fashion in TAKARA" 12/23 holding

2015.10.19 sake brewery restaurant treasure "revival! It is more held than Kesennuma oyster fair today

Figure structure of 2015.10.01 sea bream! The cutting of the New Year's rice cake! We uploaded nadogo banquet privilege coupon!

2015.09.04 "extra-large saury tohiyaoroshino mariage No. 1 contest" holding

News of 2015.08.21 "autumn nohiyaoroshino society" holding

Long-lived "Okinawa fair" healthy 2015.07.23 sake brewery restaurant Takara as for the hot summer holding!

Seasonal ingredients telling opening of 2015.07.08 summer flock! In the summer fair start!

News of special sake event "meeting of the Star Festival" holding once in 2015.06.10 year

2015.06.01 "asparagus of season" menu start!

We lift the ban on 2015.05.15 sake brewery restaurant Takara "summer pure alcoholic drink" on Friday, May 18 >>

Advantageous information of 2015.04.28 Golden Week ☆>>>To detailed page

2015.04.10 Talent blogger, mai introduced state of meeting of liquor of 4/8!>>

2015.03.24 We hold Wednesday, April 8 [meeting loving sake and Sanriku ingredients of Miyagi]! >>

2015.03.05 Under reservation acceptance of welcome and farewell party ♪ Course menu is this >>

2015.02.09 It is during event report publication in NHK "today's dish of all" HP >>

2015.01.26 "ritsuharuchosaku rino society" was very popular!
        President Takemura of Tsukasabotan made relay from the spot with blog!

2015.01.19 We squeezed in the morning at the beginning of spring and uploaded information with blog!

Urakasumi, President Takemura introduced state of meeting of the 2014.07.10 Star Festival with blog!
        The back banashi blog "mouth cause of happiness!" that well-established sake brewery "Tsukasabotan" president talks about >>

We renewed 2014.05.09 Takara formula homepage!

2013.04.11 There was TV coverage from Australia! 

2013.03.04 Takara was introduced by magazine "sarai"!

2012.03.23  It was chosen as the rising restaurant third place!

2012.02.10  [treasury] improved introduction page of 9 storehouses!

2010.11.01 mobagetaun "dish Butler" and [Takara] are collaboration!

2010.03.29 weekly modern first page special feature was introduced if "we enjoyed the live times of walk - Ryoma and Yataro by the Edo late Tokugawa period"

2010.02.05 Our restaurant was introduced "Shamonabe which Ryoma loved" in All About.

3-5-1, Marunouchi, Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo
Tokyo international forum B1


Mon - Fri from 11:30 to 14:30 (L.O.14:00) 
Saturday and Sunday from 11:30 to 15:30 (L.O.15:00) 
Mon - Fri from 17:00 to 23:00 (L.O.22:00F 22:30D)
Saturday and Sunday from 17:00 to 22:00 (L.O.21:00F 21:30D)

The number of the seats120 seats

JR Yurakucho Station 1-minute walk 
Subway Yurakucho Line Yurakucho Station 1-minute walk 
Subway Ginza Line Ginza Station 5-minute walk 
Subway Hibiya Line Hibiya Station 4-minute walk


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