Dinner meeting, reception is Japanese dishes bar "musshu Mizuki" | in Ginza Sake, shochu others

  • Dish and liquor musshu Mizuki of Japan

"Sake as liquor during meal to be able to be proud of to the world. Japanese dishes restaurant of Ginza to send mariage with meal and the highest information" to

Warmth of tree and warmth of person are hideaway space to burn, and please enjoy mariage of original Japanese dishes to treat with "180 kinds of SAKE" and monthly local cuisine and "delicious ingredients of the whole country" which Rev. woman sake tasting suggests in town of Ginza.



We make a reservation and start 2016.11.30 12/23 - 25-limited "dinner course of sacred night" (ten sets of days)

2016.09.26 is popular every year! We accepted 2017 snacks New Year dishes reservation and started!

We extend because of 2016.08.25 great popularity for three days! "Great brewing sake from the finest rice knight of adult tasting with wineglass" 8/29,30,31 whole day holding!

2016.08.10 summer limitation! We began "work size brewing sake from the finest rice". "Great brewing sake from the finest rice knight of adult tasting with wineglass" 8/12 - 27

2016.08.03 is for a limited time! We began cold Chinese noodles.>>>

It is held on 2016.07.25 "sanriku sea breeze Marchais" Saturday, July 30!

2016.05.24 Michinoku eight legendary wizards sparkling [Brut] announcement sampling event is held! 6/8 [Mutsu8000BrutNitght]
        To Mutsu8000BrutNight event page>>
        [we deliver latest information one after another!] To event special facebook page>>

2016.04.22 Ginza musshu Mizuki GW-limited event
        "sanriku sea breeze Marchais" holding! Press Releases
        To "sanriku sea breeze Marchais" details page

2016.03.04 For cherry blossom viewing! We toast with "snacks" which Mizuki collected! Cherry blossom viewing snacks set set delivery to home order acceptance start!

2016.02.25 Very popular! Meeting "meeting of Harushika" 3/10 holding of liquor of Mizuki

2016.01.13 [period limitation] stimulate the five senses; "unrivaled article! It is full of button prawns is offer in
               Press release (PDF)

Decision held in 2015.12.03 after in the PREMIUM size brewing sake from the finest rice night of end-of-year party - adult of 9! 12/4 - 25
        Press release information (PDF)

2015.11.24 X otter festival all-you-can-drink "dinner of sacred night" absorbed in three days-limited globefish (press release)
        To detailed page>>

2015.11.24 We provide only in absorption in globefish, otter festival all-you-can-drink "dinner course of sacred night" period (press release)

2015.10.30 "After all now being held-limited, in Kirishima, night" during Kirishima brewing all-you-can-drink plan period! (... 11/21)
        "After all, in Kirishima, night" hold attributive all-you-can-drink plan during release information period (PDF)

2015.10.29 Delicious pan provides "butter sukiyaki of Sanriku scallop" since before having eaten

2015.10.09 Let the Ginza musshu Mizuki finest horseflesh and self aging idle and provide liquor for a limited time 

2015.09.25 New Year dishes take order in "snacks New Year dishes absorbed in meat" Web in 2016; the inside!
       Release information "one step, (PDF)

2015.09.08 Of adult is the liquor knight third pop! "Fully-ripe hiyaoroshi knight" for a limited time 9/9 ...
        Release information is this>>

2015.09.01 News of "best saury fair in Japan" holding

2015.08.17 Of adult is the liquor knight second pop! "Great brewing sake from the finest rice knight of adult" start!

2015.07.22 Offer start of musshu Mizuki "Kyoto vegetables" and "*oku Matsumoto!"

Under 2015.07.10 musshu Mizuki "pop liquor knight PREMIUM of adult" conduct!

2015.07.07 Offer start of "Shonan beer" and "straw-basket not to change" to

2015.06.29 Offer start of "Tono, Kuretsubo kabu" and "Yokote, rural district ham"

2015.06.19 News of "meeting of shochu study session and shochu" holding

2015.06.01 "Seasonal asparagus" menu start!

2015.05.13 "Wild plants and local sake of compendium of seasonal words - Tsuruoka of taste are fair" musshu Mizuki; to held - 5/30

2015.03.05 It is the best recommended this spring! Clam shabu-shabu! Please come to welcome and farewell party♪

2014.09.19 Newly specialty "sukiyaki of globefish" of Mizuki was introduced by WBS!

Forest comes up in dancyu9 month issue with 2014.08.06 Mizuki staff Tokunaga!
        Specifically, it is introduced blog ☆ >>

2014.01.14 Mizuki staff, Tokunaga appears!
        BS Japan "Nikkei Otona no OFF" movie is this >>

2013.09.27 Mizuki was published in popular comics "Sake no hosomichi"!

2013.08.07 Mizuki was published in "dancyu"!

2013.07.02 We improved state of coverage of dancu!

Musshu Mizuki was introduced by 2013.03.04 magazine "sarai"!

2013.01.08 aimlessly in Tokyo "taste gourmet MAP of Fukushima"
       As shop providing Shirakawakogen Seiryuton roast pork
       We were introduced! Open the MAP >>

Draw girl of 2012.10.25 Mizuki appeared in the Yomiuri Shimbun on yesterday!

2012.03.23 It was chosen as the rising restaurant ninth place!

2010.01.08 Shop was introduced by magazine "woman seven"!

2010.01.08 Shop was introduced by the magazine "week post"!


6-7-6, Ginza, Chuo-ku, Tokyo
rapebiru B1 


Mon - Fri from 17:00 to 23:00
Saturday from 13:00 to 22:00
Regular holiday Sundays and holidays
※We accept consultation only in December.
Online reservation >>

The number of the seats60 seats

Subway Ginza Station Exit B5 3-minute walk 
JR Yurakucho Station 5-minute walk

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