Ginza Japanese dishes bar "musshu Mizuki" | "sanriku sea breeze Marchais" interval-limited on GW3 day

"Mussels" that this main ingredients are in season now.
"Re-, we are called, and freshness preeminence that we cannot readily taste, "domestic production mussels" of no freezing are direct from the field, and to reaches Ginza Shu" in Tokyo in hometown. We make use of strength of "sanriku challenge club" supporting local producer and not only, in "Ginza musshu Mizuki offering domestic ingredients to visitor with story of producer," we convey daily life that sanrikuno is delicious, but also tell about daily life of producer realistically. We tie producer and visitor of visit and are bodily sensation event that "sanriku" is felt in Ginza.

  • sanriku murupureto

Premium ① "sanriku murupureto"

We steamed domestic mussels and finished in six kinds of specially made sources

②Bourguignon (garlic Parsley butter)
③Taro nouni source (collaboration of blessing of the sea)
④Roquefort (source that blue cheese is fragrant)
⑤Arrabiata (tomato sauce of summer vegetables)
⑥Rockefeller (spinach, butter bread crumbs)

  • Cold Chinese noodles

Premium ② "sanriku cold Chinese noodles" 
 One portion 1,500 yen

Ingredients materials of cold Chinese noodles blessing of the sea of Sanriku in luxury! Becoming permanently free from danger scallop, unshelled kiuni, domestic mussels, ascidian, own root cucumber, Sanriku seaweed, shredded omelet. While noodles have waist and elasticity not Chinese noodles; straight somen of good Hokkaido over throat. Please have in fresh whom who let acidity work. We quit only means even if we just eat and quit even if we all pick up on the noodles and hang sauce and eat and take by favorite how to eat!

It revives with ten meals of premium ③ "finest uni bowl of samisen of Miyako Taro" limitation!

The finest "uni bowl" very popular last time revives!
Special dish which unshelled kiuniosonomama luxury that it gave life to shipped directly by Matsumoto of Miyako, Taro can taste!
We made Shiouni and salt water unimo topping so that competition for taste was made. 2500-3000 yen suruuni bowl is 2,000 yen locally in right in the middle Ginza of Tokyo! It is First come, first served.

[foods menu]
・Finest uni plate 1,500 yen of Miyako Taro samisen
・Unshelled kiuni (one piece of article) 800 yen
・Smoked 300 yen of Rikuzentakata "fortune farm" own root cucumber asazuke
[drink menu]
・Ichinoseki-shi Iwate storehouse beer fresh beer from a barrel 700 yen
・Large Hasamacho ederuwainkontsueruto white 600 yen
・Miyako-shi Hishiya brewing purely U.S. brewing sake from the finest rice straight home brew 600 yen

Name "sanriku sea breeze Marchais"
The date Saturday, July 30, 2016
Place Musshu Mizuki
Time From 12:00 to 20:00
Entrance Free (as for eating and drinking in shop and the product sales, paid)
Sponsorship Musshu Mizuki
The cosponsorship sanriku challenge club (general corporate judicial person sanriku future promotion center)
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[until the day before] [1-12 people] Please use for nogo reservation.  

6-7-6, Ginza, Chuo-ku, Tokyo
rapebiru B1 


Mon - Fri from 17:00 to 23:00
Saturday from 13:00 to 22:00
Regular holiday Sundays and holidays
※We accept consultation only in December. Online reservation >>

The number of the seats60 seats

Subway Ginza Station Exit B5 3-minute walk 
JR Yurakucho Station 5-minute walk

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