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We want to convey delicious heart of Japan
  • Feelings of Mizuki

... which wants to convey delicious heart of Japan
Joy "impression experience" that we were able to come across

Japan has "the four seasons".
Therefore "it is delicious," but is born a lot.
"Miracle" that "it is delicious" is born by power of nature and human love.
Even if all wants to convey, it may not be told.
But we met by various relationships,
Delicious liquor, delicious ingredients and,
We want to tell about the "love" even a little.

It is ... in "impression experience" in musshu Mizuki

Grand menu


NEW!! Butter sukiyaki of Sanriku scallop
We fry garlic and butter in iron pan and put raw scallop. If there is burnt mark, we can enter, and Japanese parsley owasatto of vegetables is the completion when we turn mixed seasoning and are hatched. We cannot say fragrance of garlic butter soy sauce at all.
We accept than one portion 2,000 yen two portions
Best culture sea bream "sea bream Ichiro" in Japan

Sticky texture without smell that let you make good results through bait which you developed for 13 years and love of producer. Please try chef who was particular about natural product world's best cultured sea bream "sea bream Ichiro" who let you groan!
Full-fledged 1,000 yen in the bloom of one piece of article
Roast pork of Shirakawakogen Seiryuton

Roast-colored "rose" is decisive factor!
Limited number of special dishes which are baked every day at 19:00.
Fleshy substance that flavor of fat is good even if it cools down, and melts smoothly.
Brand pork of Fukushima by all means!
1,800 yen / half 1,000 yen
"We wait, biofamu comes" feelings of vegetables

Hill farm ... of organic vegetables ... wind of Saitama
It is strength of overwhelming vegetables to want you to feel. Let alone simple fresh vegetables, "grill salad" which only 30% classified fire into in vegetables is recipe that the first can draw taste of vegetables. Please appreciate!

・Is produced, and "hill farm of wind" pass; grilled organic vegetables salad 1,280 yen
Sashimi assortment        One portion 1,400 yen ... [Yamaguchi] is concrete facing of blowing Shimonoseki tiger    1,800 yen  
Soup stock winding omelet                1,000 yen A lot of crabmeat croquettes     (two) 1,300 yen
Shirakawakogen Seiryuton roast pork     1,800 yen Group conducting the religious service comes; broiled lord of a manor chicken         1,000 yen
[Ehime] Uwajima Jakoten (Tanaka tempura restaurant) 500 yen Japanese beef sukiyaki skewer                780 yen
[Aomori] bakurai (Hoya-no-Shiokara) 700 yen [handicraft] unino miso pickles         1,500 yen
Bamboo steamer soba            900 yen Globefish soup stock Daimon somen            900 yen
[Ehime] Uwajima Taimeshi          1,000 yen Japanese beef meal                  1,500 yen

※The price of one piece of article product is tax-excluded.

Various course menus

To purpose of visitor, hobby, budget, we prepare the most suitable menu.
 Please feel free to consult.

Liquor wants to drink favorite thing freely. Therefore we are particular about meal thoroughly and want to eat. It is recommended in toiu.
 Seven articles of contents <appetizer / fresh fish / ceramic ware / fried food / special dish / meal / sweetness>
 Eight articles of contents <appetizer / fresh fish / ceramic ware / fried food / special dish / oily food / meal / sweetness>

We provide by combination of dish and liquor. The brewery native place staff, SAKE sommelier suggest the best pairing of dish and liquor and can enjoy course that can have both dish and liquor really deliciously.

90 kinds of all-you-can-drink of our restaurant. As well as kind of beer sour cocktail, it is many sakes to be surprised. Ask the staff by all means if at a loss.

All the courses need reservations. Please make a reservation by the day before.
We may not meet request by the stocking situation such as ingredients,
We offer hospitality to the maximum to be able to enjoy really.

※All the menus are tax-excluded.

6-7-6, Ginza, Chuo-ku, Tokyo
rapebiru B1


Mon - Fri from 17:00 to 23:00
Saturday from 13:00 to 22:00
Regular holiday Sundays and holidays
※We accept consultation only in December.

The number of the seats60 seats

Subway Ginza Station Exit B5 3-minute walk 
JR Yurakucho Station 5-minute walk

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