Dinner meeting, reception is Japanese dishes bar "musshu Mizuki" | in Ginza Sake, shochu others

In musshu Mizuki, we put together in season and season of liquor and hold event of liquor. Please experience abnormal love for liquor of manager, the staff by all means. We come to like Japanese liquor more and yet more.  

Meeting of March 10, 2016 Nara Harushika

We invite president Imanishi of famous sake "Harushika" conveying traditional sake brewing in sake birthplace, Southern capital, Nara in now on Thursday, March 10, 2016, and special sake event holds "meeting of Harushika".
Season that the Girl's Festival passes and creates gaiety to heart. We image liquor to want to drink when we feel spring footsteps in comfort of wind near, and feeling holds meeting of dish which can enjoy springlike season becoming bright and deluxe liquor which we put together, too. Liquor had season of famous sake "Harushika" which conveyed traditional sake brewing in sake birthplace, Southern capital, Nara in now. You can enjoy with course of the chef whole body.

■ Famous sake "Harushika" lineup
・Four steps of tree pail training pure rice straight home brew
・Hot straight home brew more than net meter
・Jun Sakura rice
・Tree pail training mountain abolished pure rice straight home brew
・Pure rice size brewing sake from the finest rice arabashiri straight home brew
・There is jumbeidaigin*seishutobini

■Special course of the chef whole body
・Flower of meal cherry tree that smoked liver / of smoked appetizer Narazuke potato salad / sea urchin pickled with miso / rural district ham is good
・Is sashimi Yamagata of the sashimi's first bonito; and wind reckoning nobody
・Grilled dish Matsusaka fillet Shiogama roast sake lees flavor
・ombutsuhiromeshimakuida chi type oyster simmered with wild plants grilled cheese or hemp grandmother
・Shabu-shabu sake lees soup stock of special dish clam and sea bream Ichiro
・Meal duck soup stock boiled wheat noodles in broth seasoned with soy-bean sauce
・Sweetness Harushika sake lees cherry tree ice 

※A course may be changed on account of the stocking.  

Date Thursday, March 10, 2016 19:00 open party
Fee 8,000 yen (tax-included)
Capacity 30 people
Reservation telephone Please note that it is the deadline as soon as you reach 03-5537-1888 capacity.
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