Ikebukuro Soba noodles and dishes for SAKE Fukuro | Japanese dishes and sake, shochu of domestic ingredients

Soba noodles and dishes for SAKE Fukuro

◇◆News of lunch business◇◆

Ranch is open for four days a week from Tuesday to Friday☆

 Space of presence of mind to nestle earlier of the noise of Ikebukuro
 It is full of the owners of a noodle shop slowly and carefully...
 Cook is person trouble or figure with delicious ingredients carefully
 We can enjoy brewing sake from the finest rice dish and side, the finest liquor,
 Side bar is born!

While, in front of soba, smacking the lips over dish only by "Fukuro,"
We enjoy a time with the finest liquor <great brewing sake from the finest rice> which liquor sommelier made ginsen slowly and carefully and close on side. "Fukuro" carries "fortune" to all of you.

In private room of presence of mind from dinner meeting, reception for Buddhist memorial service, auspicious event,
Please spend a time of "mouth fortune" with important one.  

  • To online reservation, vacant seat confirmation

We introduced online vacant seat confirmation & reservation system!
Until 16:00, please use for reservation to 2-8 people on the day.
※After 16:00, we accept over telephone on the day when it is higher than nine people.

Guidance of private room
The air is full of spring! It is the liquor night, shochu buffet pop


2016.03.04 The air is full of spring! The liquor night, shochu buffet is held at the same time pop! To ... 4/30

2016.02.25 It is good to spring welcome and farewell party! We send spring seasonal course

We call for 2015.12.21 fortune! New Year good luck good news plan! 3,900 yen that includes domestic tiger pufferfish course all-you-can-drink! 1/5 start
        To detailed page>>>
        Release information (PDF)

2015.12.08 Christmas ★12/23 holds "otter festival PARTY"

2015.10.06 Accept year-end party; the inside! As for "it is made with figure of sea bream" with early reservation privilege! By reservation until November 30!

2015.09.15 Decision held on "hiyaoroshino society" Saturday, September 26!

2015.09.08 is for a limited time! The powerful charm of adult from 8:00 p.m. Liquor "hiyaoroshi" ten kinds are served without limit in autumn
        Powerful charm ... "full ripeness hiyaoroshi knight" of after 8 holding! 9/9 ...
        Press release information is this>>

2015.07.24 Fukuro Masters dream offer start! Under campaign conduct

2015.07.03 "Highball and meat are fair" and are holding >>

2015.07.01 [July limitation] prepared for course reservation privilege with all-you-can-drink >>

2015.06.15 It is in season now! We start "Edo-style conger eel" and offer of "doing that it is Quanzhou water"!

2015.06.10 We updated course menu ♪ For summer banquet >>

2015.06.01 "asparagus of season" menu start!

2015.03.05 Under reservation acceptance of welcome and farewell party ♪ Course menu is this >>

2014.11.05 In preliminary inspection of year-end party! Limitation during November ★One hour extension for free all-you-can-drink in course with all-you-can-drink by the use!

Only as for 2014.08.25 now! For a limited time! Brewing sake from the finest rice banquet dishes, blue-ribbon banquet dishes are 5,000 yen including all-you-can-drink!
        For more information:>>>

Day of the 2014.07.07 Star Festival ☆We prepare special liquor.

3-10-7, Higashiikebukuro, Toshima-ku, Tokyo
Hotel wing Ikebukuro 1F  


Mon - Fri from 17:00 to 22:30 (L.O.22:00) 
Soil, celebration from 16:00 to 22:00 (L.O.21:00) 
Regular holiday: Sundays and holidays

Fire ... from 11:30 to 14:30
(L.O. 14:00)

The number of the seats45 seats

An 8-minute walk from JR Ikebukuro Station Toko 
Subway Marunouchi Line Ikebukuro Station Exit 35 8-minute walk 
Subway Yurakucho Line Ikebukuro Station Exit 35 8-minute walk 
Tobu Tojo Line Ikebukuro Station 8-minute walk

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