Bar "musshu Chihana" of Tokyo, Yaesu, Nihonbashi | There is sake all-you-can-drink plan

  • Dish and liquor musshu Chihana of Japan

From Tokyo Station a 3-minute walk. SAKE sommelier suggests 150 kinds of sake, shochu, umeshu, wine and homemade Japanese and Western creation dishes in designer space that light and mirror weave. We offer hospitality by careful consideration.

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We introduced online vacant seat confirmation & reservation system!
Please use for reservation of two people ...
※More than 31 people, in the case of reservation, we accept over telephone on the day again.


We get completely exhausted in the summer, and is 2016.07.07 new constant seller of prevention? "Drift ice shabu-shabu" start! 7/11 - 8/31
        Press release is this

Cultured sea bream "sea bream Ichiro" of the best 2016.02.26 in Japan fair holding! 3/7 ...

2016.01.18 We squeeze in the morning at Ehomaki and the beginning of spring of Japanese black beef and offer 4 brands (PDF)

2016.01.05 fresh young sake! The first squeeze is served without limit! It began in "the first squeeze night"!

We planned in particular in 2015.12.28 new spring and improved. Tiger pufferfish presents from Shimonoseki by 1/5 - 16 reservation!

Of really good tuna "Sanriku Shiogama Higashi" who can eat only as for 2015.11.24 now is available!

As for the 2015.11.11 this time, great brewing sake from the finest rice is served without limit! Holding to "great brewing sake from the finest rice knight" for a limited time! 11/16 - 12/2

2015.10.08 great popularity! Cooking class holding of adult! October 24. "Dish of the four seasons to taste soup stock" >>To GOURNAVI
        Press release this (PDF)

2015.09.08 "hiyaoroshi for a limited time is served without limit, too"! hiyaoroshi knight holding! 9/9 ...
        Release information is this>>

All-you-can-drink is at half price for 2015.09.04 Silver Week! (9/19 - 23-limited)

2015.09.03 otter festival size brewing sake from the finest rice is served without limit, too. Of adult began pop the liquor night.

Decision held 2015.07.15 musshu Chihana at "cooking class of adult" on Saturday, August 1!

The 2015.0629 "unshelled sea urchin from Kesennuma" arrival! Offer start

We provide 2015.06.12 "competition for summer drinker set" and start

2015.06.01 "asparagus of season" menu start!

Under reservation acceptance of 2015.03.02 welcome and farewell party ♪ Course menu is this >>

We squeeze in the morning at the beginning of spring on 2015.02.02 2/4 Wednesday and are received!

2015.01.05 New Year's present price! "Absorption in globefish" plan for 3,900 yen!

Under reservations of 2014.10.16 year-end party, New Year society! We uploaded course in winter

We were introduced to 2014.08.06 dancyu9 month issue! To the details >>

It is advantageous from 2014.05.16 half past 20! 3,000 yen that includes all-you-can-drink☆

2014.02.28 [Chihana] reopening! State in shop is this!

Chihana was introduced by 2013.12.10 Fuji Evening! To the details >>

We held collaboration "cooking class" with 2013.01.29 Sendai-shi and did Mai!
        State of meeting is this!>>>

Rev. sake tasting of 2012.08.30 our restaurant was introduced by "today's dish beginners" of NHK!

2010.01.13 We were introduced to gourmet R25!

1-7-10, Yaesu, Chuo-ku, Tokyo
Imai Building B1 


Mon - Fri from 17:00 to 23:00
Soil, celebration from 16:00 to 22:00
Reservation system complete on day ※Only in December

The number of the seats50 seats

A 3-minute walk from JR Tokyo Station Yaesu Kitaguchi
Subway Ginza Line Nihombashi Station Exit B3 3-minute walk

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