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We want to convey delicious heart of Japan

... which wants to convey delicious heart of Japan

Japan has "the four seasons".
Therefore "it is delicious," but is born a lot.
"Miracle" that "it is delicious" is born by power of nature and human love.
Even if all wants to convey, it may not be told.
But we met by various relationships,
Delicious liquor, delicious ingredients and,
We want to tell about the "love" even a little.

Grand menu


Tokyo Gyunabe

We used good Japanese black beef of the freshness without regret.
Pan soup stock made with Hatcho miso lets liquor advance♪
Ancestor thick slice! Salt seared bonito

Please thoroughly enjoy thickness and taste to be able to taste bonito of Kesennuma direct shipment only in Chihana!
Chihana snacks assortment

Snacks assortment
We let you pile "dish" which matched sake really. Please enjoy snacks and encounter with sake to change depending on the arrival situation.
A lot of crabmeat croquettes

Unrivaled article ★A lot of crabmeat croquettes
Ultimate crab kolo to make with crabmeat 90% to be able to never taste in others ♪ Please fully enjoy taste of crab♪
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1-7-10, Yaesu, Chuo-ku, Tokyo
Imai Building B1


Mon - Fri from 17:00 to 23:00
Soil, celebration from 16:00 to 22:00
Reservation system complete on day ※Only in December

The number of the seats50 seats

A 3-minute walk from JR Tokyo Station Yaesu Kitaguchi
Subway Ginza Line Nihombashi Station Exit B3 3-minute walk

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