Sake dining musshu

Musshu group staff introduction

Hatakeyama total chef

Tomeji Hatakeyama (musshu total chef)

It is warm person called "father" for the staff. When it is excellent at sense and conveys image, we cook exactly the same dish. 

Umemura chef

Umemura (Mizuki chef)

We send delicious dish to table of all of you every day. The eyebrows and sandals seem to be father fools loving son of trademark.

Masayuki Hieda

Nakagawa Keita (Manager Mizuki)

To *do, Ginza of Yaesu. . . We acquire experience of sake brewing by Fukushima "seven great brewing" and suggest tradition and the latest liquor. It is ... to give liquor and dish free because of too much joy when said, "you are cooler than *do!"

Naoko Tokunaga

Naoko Tokunaga (chief Mizuki)

It is woman such as "come ..." and the sun offering hospitality with always warm smile. It is got close by nickname of "Toku" and works as all of you well. There is not thing which excels if we let you talk about charm of liquor.

Kimura chef

Shinji Kimura (Takara manager / chef)

Shrewd cook who trained itself in restaurant, and managed each musshu shop.
We are fully prepared and partition off the kitchen of maximum store, Takara!

Manager Tamura

Tamura (Chihana manager)

It is one's own pace forever. Positive intention that there does not seem to be of grounds softens all.

Shikinami (the Chihana staff)

Shikinami (Takara pocket chief)

"We pour into all the salaries liquor!"
We look older, but are still in our early twenties.
Young "sake tasting teacher!"

Asada (the Takara staff)

As declared saying "do not let taste move slightly"; reputation that is absolute in taste of the dish. We have cooking skill that made say "taste that we can introduce in peace" from visitor.


Hirano (Fukuro manager)

Bashful type of smile that is wonderful contrary to cool appearance. It is wonderful that any situation manages to be smooth! It is my boom of these days to return after business on the run to house.

Morita (the Takara staff)

Morita who continues offering taste of craftsman since opening. Grilled Japanese-style rolled omelette which we baked is beyond 10,000 lightly so far.

Fujisaki (Chihana chef)

Walk way of cook with one Japanese dishes; more than 18 years. The central pillar who supports musshu Chihana while repeating training to motto by "days study" as craftsman of the sum to draw value of ingredients thoroughly.