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Plan holding for a limited time all-you-can-drink 2015.10.30 musshu Mizuki
        "After all to Kirishima knight" details page>>
        "After all Kirishima night" (press release)

Pan which 2015.10.29 musshu Mizuki is good at since before having eaten
        "Butter sukiyaki of Sanriku scallop" (press release)

2015.10.23 "We enshrine wine fair and meat", and SAKE bistro W is held!
        Until November 30

2015.10.19 sake brewery restaurant treasure "revival! Kesennuma oyster fair"
                 It is more held than today!

Cooking class Saturday, October 24 holding of 2015.10.09 musshu Chihana adult!
        "Dish of the four seasons to taste soup stock" (press release)
        Details>>(to outside site GOURNAVI)

2015.10.08 Ginza musshu Mizuki (press release)
        Let finest horseflesh and self aging idle and provide liquor for a limited time

2015.10.02 Hidetoshi Nakata (former soccer representative from Japan) joint development application
       Membership system service of application "Sakenomy" enjoying sake
       We published coupon in SakenomyClub!

2015.10.01 bistro W Yotsuya, Tokyo
       "Course absorbed in crab which is full of crabs" 3,980 yen appearance!

2015.09.25 musshu Mizuki
       If meat is absorbed in one step plumply, make New Year dishes of snacks reservation; the inside!>>
        Press release information (PDF)

2015.09.15 Soba noodles and dishes for SAKE Fukuro "hiyaoroshino society"
                It is held on Saturday, September 26

2015.09.15 October 1 "day of sake"
               Sake offered (release information) of toast simultaneous at all 12 stores
        "It is simultaneous nationwide sake toast" official site

Renewal in 2015.09.09 Kasumigaseki SAKE bistro W shop is commemorative! Foie gras gives a service, too! Privilege present of a total of 2,000 yen equivalency per person!

Heavy sake "hiyaoroshi" only for 2015.09.08 autumn is served without limit!
  [in Ginza, Yaesu, Ikebukuro] Fully-ripe hiyaoroshi knight holding! 9/9 ...
  Mizuki press release is this>>
  Chihana press release is this>>
  Fukuro press release is this>>

2015.09.04 sake brewery restaurant Takara "extra-large saury tohiyaoroshino mariage No. 1 contest" holding

2015.09.04 Yaesu, Chibana "all-you-can-drink is at half price for Silver Week! "(9/19 - 23-limited)

News of 2015.09.01 musshu Mizuki "best saury fair in Japan" holding

The 2015.09.01 September 9 hiyaoroshi simultaneous removal of a ban! In Takara, Mizuki, Chihana, Kasumigaseki W, Fukuro!

News of 2015.08.21 sake brewery restaurant Takara "autumn nohiyaoroshino society" holding

We updated coupon in each 2015.08.20 shop!

2015.08.17 musshu Mizuki "great brewing sake from the finest rice knight of adult" start! Until August 29

2015.07.24 Fukuro Masters dream offer start! Under campaign conduct

Long-lived "Okinawa fair" healthy 2015.07.23 sake brewery restaurant Takara as for the hot summer holding!

Offer start of 2015.07.22 musshu Mizuki "Kyoto vegetables" and "*oku Matsumoto!"

Decision held 2015.07.15 musshu Chihana at "cooking class of adult" on Saturday, August 1!

Under 2015.07.10 musshu Mizuki "pop liquor knight PREMIUM of adult" conduct!

2015.07.08 Takara "summer seasonal ingredients flock is fair start in the summer"!

Offer start of 2015.07.07 musshu Mizuki "Shonan beer" and "straw-basket not to change" to

Held "highball and meat fair" 2015.07.03 Soba noodles and dishes for SAKE Fukuro

2015.06.29 musshu Mizuki offer start of "Tono, Kuretsubo kabu" and "Yokote, rural district ham"

The 2015.06.29 musshu Chihana "unshelled sea urchin from Kesennuma" arrival! Offer start

News of 2015.06.19 musshu Mizuki "meeting of shochu study session and shochu" holding

2015.06.15 Soba noodles and dishes for SAKE Fukuro / is in season now! We start "Edo-style conger eel" and offer of "doing that it is Quanzhou water"!

We provide 2015.06.12 musshu Chihana (Yaesu) "competition for summer drinker set" and start

It is held on 2015.06.11 SAKE bistro W (Kasumigaseki) "basic Bistro western dishes cooking class" Saturday, June 20!

News of special sake event "meeting of the Star Festival" holding once in 2015.06.10 year

"Seasonal asparagus" menu starts at 2015.06.01 musshu 5 store!

It is beer garden OPEN on 2015.05.26 Kasumigaseki SAKE bistro W terrace!

We lift the ban on 2015.05.15 sake brewery restaurant Takara "summer pure alcoholic drink" on Monday, May 18!

"Wild plants and local sake of compendium of seasonal words - Tsuruoka of taste are fair" 2015.05.13 musshu Mizuki; to held - 5/30

We introduced 2015.03.02 online reservation, vacant seat confirmation system!
        (please advance than each shop TOP page banner)

Newly specialty "sukiyaki of globefish" of 2014.09.19 Mizuki
        We were introduced to subsidiary of TV Tokyo WBS!

2014.09.03 September 8 opening!
        3, Yotsuya "Bistro W" prerelease information!

2014.07.24 SAKE bistro W was published in "metro minutes"!

2014.01.08 musshu Mizuki was introduced in Ehime Shimbun-sha!

2014.01.06 musshu Mizuki staff, Tokunaga appeared on television!
       "OFF of Nikkei adult" BS Japan

Chihana was introduced by 2013.12.10 Fuji Evening!

2013.09.27 musshu Mizuki was published in popular comics "Sake no hosomichi"!

2013.08.07 musshu Mizuki was published in "dancyu"!