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Visit soba town which "hitachi aki soba" finest taste grows up into

                                                                                                                            November 13, 2015

The finest "hitachi aki soba" which is used at many well-known stores in Tokyo. We are said to be the highest peak of gen side.
What is production center producing ingredients letting gourmet groan? Cook visits the straight production center once and wants to meet producer.
There was opportunity when the wish was granted, and Hatakeyama total chef of musshu and Manager Kimura of sake brewery restaurant Takara (Yurakucho) and chef performed in Hitachiota-shi of North Ibaraki.

We cut by hand and let you mature enough. Many work that came out of longtime wisdom


One of the refreshing clear autumn sky and a certain Sunday. Fruit became black and mowed side that reached harvesttime and helped with work. As for the crop of side, most are still performed by hand. We bundle up side that harvested by hand and lay in field and are dried. Water falls out when we put fresh and juicy soba having just finished cutting all day long and seems to become easy to carry out next activity. We lean against bamboo pole which handed this to stake more and dry for approximately ten days from one week, and the back lets enough you become ripe.

We understood that warm manual labor before picking fruit from process of crop included good quality of "hitachi aki soba". "Hitachi aki soba" is opened up on slope of mountain, and there is heat and cold difference of the night and day to be filled with morning fog in big place. Drainage was good, and condition that high quality soba grew up into gathered, but sensed that it was environment that was non-efficiency for producer in cultivation right lot bodily for soba.

Head falls down to various places of producer sending delicious ingredients some other time.

The origin of hitachi aki soba

"Hitachi aki soba" assumes alluvial gold volost native species which was superior in original fragrance and flavor, sweetness parent. Selection upbringing began in 1978 and was adopted in recommended kind of Ibaraki in 1985.
Uniform quality was good, and taste closed and repeated sorting of protein and starch-rich thing, and kind called "hitachi aki soba" was born.
Even if charm is called anything; strength of powder. Waist is strong and is full of flavors and moderate sweetness spreads through tongue if we chew and knows height of quality for thinness.

Please appreciate "hitachi aki soba" to be able to taste only at this time

Soup with full of taste that went out of domestic duck and tsukune
Please have de Hitachi soba.
As for the duck, taste opens to fill the mouth so as to chew if we chew very softly.

We provide "hitachi aki soba" in sake brewery restaurant Takara (Yurakucho) for a limited time.
Menu name: 40 meals of duck bamboo steamer limitation of "hitachi aki soba" from Ibaraki a day
Offer period: From Monday, November 16 to 29th Sunday
Offer price: 1,100 yen (tax-excluded)