Sake dining musshu

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Idea of musshu group "Place that our company aims" at Q. Promise of V.S

It is absolutely necessary matter, and, as for innovation (pretty beautiful art) of dish, freshness, these of the quality (atmosphere, a feeling of cleanliness) staff of shop, there is even right that visitor should receive again for restaurant.
Some kind of values (value) are surprised at the shop, and the reason why visitor goes to visit shop time and time again is that we feel throb to be heated to be heated. Therefore we do effort of practice for visitor in high value that raised its hurdle more generously.
We create and offer delicious dish to visitor, and sympathy shares happiness if visitor and the staff are fine by adding service full of hearts of warm hospitality to the top.

"Four feelings"

Feelings to "it is delicious"
We search lovingly prepared home cooking of one article of consecration and collaboration of excellent sake in slogan in "we want to convey delicious heart of Japan" in shop.  In addition, we create profound taste to ingredients of local production for local consumption, tasanji* for trouble time.
Feelings to "domestic material"
Of Miura Peninsula where face of farmhouse builder is seen as for the vegetables which are blessing of the earth is warm, and can feel deepness, bitterness, bitterness of classic taste brought up well, rich Kahori of the earth of sweetness.
Feelings to "the sea"
Make use of characteristic of cold current, warm current surrounding chain of islands; Tottori (Sakaiminato Port), Hitachi (Nakaminato), Miyagi  (Kesennuma Port) fishery products, please taste the freshness by direct buying than Oita (Bungo Channel).
Feelings to "clear stream"
For beautiful clean water, famous sake meeting profound knowledge deep manager oneself delicate Japanese dishes to choose is fan  We can enjoy rare, tasteful special dish howling unintentionally seasonally when it becomes.