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So that 2017.03.01 farewell party, reception reservation hastens!
        Preliminary inspection drinking party is welcome, too!

2016.12.09 SAKE bistro W
        Jack Halloween display contest runner up!

2016.11.30 Ginza musshu Mizuki
        12/23 - 25-limited "dinner course of sacred night" reservation start
        Press release (PDF)

Liquor which is good at 2016.11.18 year-end party is go! to musshu 
        Under year-end party reservation acceptance!

From ingredients "summer King Kamo eggplant of Kyoto" July of 2016.06.28 season!
        Detailed page>>
        Press release (PDF)

2016.06.22 Ginza musshu Mizuki 6/25 sanriku sea breeze Marchais holding!

2016.04.22 Ginza musshu Mizuki GW-limited event
        "sanriku sea breeze Marchais" holding! Press Releases
        To "sanriku sea breeze Marchais" details page

2016.04.20 Tenjin SORA rear sake brewery restaurant treasure page
        All pages opened!

2016.03.16 sake brewery restaurant Takara
        4/9 "meeting of Urakasumi & azure sky biography liquor" holding>>>

2016.02.25 SAKE bistro W cherry tree fair 3/7 ...
        Meeting 3/10 holding of musshu Mizuki Harushika
        Meeting 3/19 holding of sake brewery restaurant Takara Tamano light brewing liquor

2016.01.19 Bistro W Yotsuya, Tokyo
        Guidance of "table manners class FOR KIDS"
        (press release information PDF)

2016.01.18 musshu Chihana
       We squeeze in the morning at Ehomaki and the beginning of spring of Japanese black beef and offer 4 brands
       (press release information PDF)

2016.01.13 musshu Mizuki
        We provide, "unrivaled article is full of button prawns" that we stimulate the five senses
        Press release information (PDF)

The 2016.01.05 sake brewery restaurant Takara first squeeze removal of a ban!

Held in each 2015.12.25 shop [year-end large Thanksgiving Day]! Special page>>

2015.12.21 Ikebukuro Fukuro
       "We call for fortune! New Year good luck good news plan 1/5 start
        To detailed page>>>
        Release information (PDF)

2015.12.14 sake brewery restaurant Takara
        We provide "course absorbed in tiger pufferfish of Takara" at large thanks price!
        (press release information PDF)

12/23 holds 2015.12.08 Soba noodles and dishes for SAKE Fukuro "otter festival PARTY"
        (press release information PDF)

2015.12.07 sake brewery restaurant Takara
        "Christmas fashion in TAKARA" 12/23 holding
        (press release information PDF)

2015.12.03 musshu Mizuki
       "PREMIUM size brewing sake from the finest rice knight of adult" holding 12/4 - 12/25
        Press release information (PDF)

2015.11.27 Kasumigaseki SAKE bistro W
       12/23 Christmas otter festival party & magic show is held>>
        Press release information>>

Really delicious tuna which we can eat only in 2015.11.24 musshu Chihana now
        The arrival of "Sanriku Shiogama Higashi"

2015.11.24 musshu Mizuki "is absorbed in globefish "dinner of sacred night" with otter festival all-you-can-drink course period-limited offer" (press release)

We went to hometown of 2015.11.12 finest "hitachi aki soba".

We improved 2015.11.05 musshu group year-end party special page!>>

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